Commercial Cargo Metal Shipping Procedures

Import Security Fee:

In case the client requires AGpm to import the goods to Turkey, on their behalf a security fee of USD 1,500/ EURO 1,100 must be submitted to our account by wire transfer within 30 days of account approval and in advance of shipping any precious metal. This security fee is to cover any unanticipated customs clearance expenses incurred by AGpm as well as the costs of the customs clearance agent and secure transport to the vault. The unused portion of this security fee will be rebated to the customer upon settlement of their first delivery. In the case of non-delivery, this fee will not be refunded.

Pre-Arrival Procedure: 

Before arrival of a shipment to Turkey, the Seller has to notify us of the impending shipment and inform us the following documents;

- Air Waybill Instructions as AGpm the Nominated Importer: The mentioned goods will be cleared through an internationally recognized forwarder. The waybill has to be filled with details to be announced by our side, otherwise it may not be cleared and could be returned to the client.

- Commercial Invoice:

All shipments must contain the following information on the original invoice and a copies must accompany the shipment;

- Description of the contents incl. HS Code (Bullion, Dore, etc.)
- Details of consigner and consignee
- Net weight/ qty of the contents
- Gross weight of the parcel
- Value of contents
- Description of the container(s)

Please kindly notice that the shipments must be declared as 'Valuable Cargo' to the shipping agent and airline.